Realization of grants and projects

DNA Research Center creates a possibility of facilitating one’s own grants and projects in the area of molecular biology. The expertise of our research team allows for planning and performing entire scientific experiments or only their selected parts, e.g. optimization of PCR conditions or adequate selection of starters and probes in real time PCR reactions.

We have a broad range of laboratory equipment: termocyclers, Real-Time PCR apparatus, sequencers (4- and 48- capillary), microarray readers or light and fluorescent microscope. Soon, our offering shall be expanded with a possibility of researching entire genomes with the use of the next generation sequencing method and Digital PCR.

We ensure high quality of services and convenient delivery dates. If you have a great idea – we will help you writing a grant application or project documentation. We shall optimize the conditions and costs of experiments. We will produce the results – we can prepare the documentation for the needs of scientific publications and project reports. We will make statistical calculations and illustrations. What else can we do for you?