For science

DNA Research Center bring together a team of professionals, with many years of experience in the laboratory work. Our experience, gained in numerous research institutes, allowed to create a comprehensive offer for science.

Our services:

1. DNA sequencing (Sanger method)
2. Next generation sequencing
3. Comprehensive implementation of R&D projects.
4. Consulting
5. Bioinformatics services
6. Molecular detection and identification of microbiological infections

Please review our sequencing services. We are working on two ABI PRISM Genetic Analyzers and on MiSeq Analyzer.

DNA sequencing services:

Basic sequencing
Long fragment sequencing
Sequence aligment
96-Micro titer plate sequencing
Sequencing purification
Single read sequencing
PCR purification
Polymorphism analysis "Gene Mapper"
More about our DNA sequencing services: www

Genomic services:

Next generation sequencing
Transcript analysis
Exom analysis
Small genoms analysis
DNA methylation
Questions about our offer and DNA sequencing services? Please contact us via Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Realization of grants and projects
Industrial diagnostics