Bartonella henselae – quality Real-Time PCR (103K)

The test allows the ability to detect the presence of DNA of Bartonella henselae bacteria, transmitted onto humans mainly by arthropods feeding with the mammalian blood (hematophagous animals), e.g.: ticks, lice or fleas.

One can also get infected as a result of scratching or a bite from an infected animal, most often a cat or a dog (that is why it is colloquially called a "cat scratch disease"). Bartonella henselae is an intracellular parasite located in erythrocytes. In case of humans, the disease initially proceeds asymptomatically or only with local symptoms around a wound (local reddening, inflammatory papule).

With some people, after a few weeks of the infection start a fever comes up, lymphadenopathy; possibly some other sickness symptoms (headaches, backaches, hypogastrium pains, fatigue). Untreated infection may cause recurring fevers and may lead to the inflammation of the brain or heart.

Test material:            tick 

Transfer method:      Put a tick on a wet cosmetic petal, pack it in a plastic wrap or a tight  bag (preferably stringed bag)

Testing method:        Real-Time PCR

Delivery date:            up to 7 working days (for an extra fee /200zl/ the delivery date is up to 48 hours after delivery sample to the laboratory)