Babesia divergens (babesiosis) – quality, Real-Time PCR (601K)

The test consists in detecting the presence of DNA of pathogenic protozoa Babesia divergens in the tick body which can cause babesiosis (piroplasmosis).

Babesiosis is a hemolytic disease similar to malaria, as the parasites attack the erythrocyte cells. This disease most often shows with a fever, weakening and anorexia. Infection with this parasite may have a serious conduct, especially in case of people with reduced immunity (children, the elderly or people taking immunosuppressant drugs or those infected with HIV virus).

Test material:            tick

Transfer method:      Put a tick on a wet cosmetic petal, pack it in a plastic wrap or a tight bag (preferably stringed bag)

Testing method:        Real-Time PCR

Delivery date:            up to 7 working days (for an extra fee /200zl/ the delivery date is up to 48 hours after delivery sample to the laboratory)